The less you move, the more past is coming back

 On the other side of the space
The old wall is now receptive to people and ideas
A word, a song, a scream is enough to pass through it.

When a visitor enters into the installation,
Bits of memories appear on a screen,
gestures & sounds are captured in the past,
like an invitation, a question or a provocation.

By expressing something, we leave a trace in the space-time
If the spectator produces a sound enough loud, his image and sound are captured
Memory becomes impregnated in the movement…
Just after, the screen diffuse again the content of his memory
building a visual and sound poem, constantly evolving
provided by spectators' contributions from Slovakia and France
The visibility of memory depends of the visitor's attitude.

… the less we move, the more past is coming back into view
The different places hosting the installation function in network
and exchange contributions from their respective visitors
taking part this way to a collective and moving work

Simultaneously, this poem is referenced everywhere on internet.

This installation is less a finished creation than a creation-in-process
launched and open, inviting the visitors to take part.
It functions with various modes
In free-access, like a sound and gesture's trap, enigmatic and chaotic…

Like a support to artists' performances, poets, singers, dancers
invited to appropriate the installation.
Like a game, to discover and explore, by children and adults…

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mÛrement réfléchit